I come from a family of artists. I was introduced to beautiful works of art at a very young age. Surrounded by artists, I have always had a lot of support to express myself through my art work. Designing jewelry is in my blood and has been my vehicle to express my creativity, thoughts and emotions.

I believe that through art we have a voice and a message that needs to be heard. The underlying message that is intricately woven through out each collection is to challenge the status quo, embrace diversity, and embrace the struggle to make a difference. Change does not come easily and does not come without sacrifices.

Our stories are told through each piece of jewelry by selecting a unique combination of stones, metals, and shapes. For instance, moonstone is used in many pieces of our jewelry and it is believed that the stone was formed from the light of the moon. It is believed to bring good fortune, to enhance passion, and balance the yin and yang and is said to protect women and children. In early times, it was believed that one could see the future if the stone was held in the mouth during a full moon.

I am inspired by other artists and great leaders, and their stories they tell through their art or the struggles that they have overcome. Therefore, many of the pieces are inspired by famous works of art found throughout Spain, such as poetry, paintings, architecture, and sculptures. Certain pieces are physical representations of images found in works of art, which is to pay homage to the artist’s message of inspiration.

For me jewelry is about the creative process and the deeper meaning behind art. Designs often come to me at night or in a dream. Therefore, I believe that it should not be limited by one element, but rather explore all elements and create the unexpected.

In search of my own Duende I discovered a window into the work of Spain’s most famous and important poet of the twentieth century, Federico García Lorca. I've been captivated by Lorca's idea of "duende".

"Thus duende is a power and not a behavior; it is the struggle that one must endure to create something of greatness”.

Each piece of jewelry that is hand crafted within our studio tells a story. And after hours and hours of work on each piece, finally, there are those moments when we know--not from our thoughts, but from the "duende that climbs inside . . . from the soles of the feet"--that what we are creating is magical. And its source seems to be from a place of angels.

I strive to push the boundaries and attempt the unexpected. I believe in unleashing the creative force within. Like a painter, I explore working with and mixing many different metals and stones to create a beautiful work of art. For example, I created the midnight collection, which is oxidized silver, in order to honor the creative force of the night which comes and instills an almost religious transport. The midnight collection was created and inspired by the Duende within. The black hue represents the mystery, that we all know of, and do not understand, but which furnishes us with whatever is sustaining in art.

Our partnership is not only a great opportunity to sell beautiful jewelry, but also to tell an amazing story about inspiration and dreams that will hopefully inspire others. The story behind the women who work at the studio is truly one of inspiration and embodies the American Dream. I feel that I have been given a chance in life to make a difference in the lives of others and challenge the status quo. This belief is a guiding principle at Armenta that we all embrace and strive to pass on to others. Please join us in this pursuit of passing on opportunities by sharing our story.