Launched in 1987 and never pausing in the lines of victory. It is no question that the gracefully designed timepieces grew motivation from Remo Bertolucci’s childhood playground, Tuscany. The brilliant pebble coated beaches would soon be the focal inspiration to create a Mediterranean dream for all to share; also including the first introduction, the “Pulchra” sensation. Demonstrating a unique tale is shown throughout each item which is carefully chosen to compile the sensation of a timepiece. Mixing the lavish Italian fashions and superior Swiss watch making was the definitive goal accomplished by Remo. Throughout the collection the brand stresses their own criteria for triumph. The adaptation of the four c’s, creativity, curves, comfort and construction becomes the signature of the legendary brand. These are greatly scrutinized and all taken into consideration when producing each piece.

Exposed in the Serena collection it is easily seen how original their designs are; paying attention to what details are significant in a piece. With its soft curves and delicate nature it becomes the epitome of true feminine chic. Offering the utmost of high end quality in their Haute Couture line, highlighted with oodles of vivid colors and radiant gems each one is as astonishing as the next. Joining the forces of contemporary and revolutionary has become an authentic victor as each piece is designed to electrify all of the senses.