Anil Arjandas

Anil Arjandas is staying loyal to his original idea reinterpreting the world of high jewellery. The combination of very different materials and the mystery of black gold, black and brown diamonds and leather have been present since his first collection in the year 2000. This universe created by Anil Arjandas has caused a stir in the world of jewellery through his design of types of pieces that never existed until now. Surprising creations come out each year with combinations that are both daring and elegant such as mink with Australian pearls or velvet with black diamonds. The made-to-order service offers an outstanding opportunity to have unique pieces made with exclusive cuts and using exotic leathers such as shagreen and crocodile. Examples are objects like buttons for dinner jackets, personalised cuff links and diamond key rings. Each piece of each collection is made in the spirit of Anil Arjandas motto turning luxury into a part of everyday life by giving each creation a unique and exclusive feel.

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