Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea, founders of Chantecler, had the extraordinary intuition of considering “Capri as the origin of everything”. Binding a jewel to a place, in a time when marketing did not exist, was an innovative and strategic operation. Capuano and Aprea succeeded in conveying into their jewels those elegant, eccentric and unique traits typical of the Blue Island. To Capri’s peculiar traits, Capuano adds an element of innovation, the finest materials, without sacrificing the joy and femininity of the ornament.

Today, Chantecler preserves the adaptability and the meticulous attention to details that is typical of the Italian family business. To this vision, Gabriele, Maria Elena and Costanza Aprea have added the international outlook typical of the major luxury companies, opening to new markets through a global retail strategy. The first boutique was opened in Capri in 1947. The Campanella has become an international symbol, and while the product range is segmented into different collections, from high jewelry to prêt à porter, an international retail network allows the firm to reach a growing number of clients. Capri’s spirit spreads around the world, reflected in the glare of Chantecler jewels.

“Made in Italy” is the most recognizable brand in the world and Chantecler jewels are among the best expressions of the Italian “beautiful and well-made”. The challenge for the future is to keep the product’s aesthetic and artisan quality intact, to preserve its identity, meeting the international client’s demands in terms of type of service and retail. The goal is a “controlled growth”, which will enable to combine the Italian family-driven business model, successful in terms of dimension and production, with the distribution and communication processes behind the production of global luxury goods. All of this in order to protect the company’s DNA, its “Capri way of thinking” and, most importantly, the wealth of relationships that Chantecler has always maintained since the beginning.

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