Laura Medine

Designer Laura Medine set out on a lifelong dream to create fine jewelry using only the highest quality materials to complement her jewels and give them a more striking appearance. Born into a family of diamond traders, Laura was able to fine tune her enthusiasm and jewelry-driven capabilities at a young age. She would later move to Milan where she acquired a refined palette for fashion and artistry. As a mother of four, Medine decided to put her passion for jewelry aside to raise her most precious adornment, her children, all while knowing that she would one day revisit what she felt she was destined to do. As her children grew, she was able to dedicate more time commoditizing her inspirations and expressing it through her designs. From a young age, Laura understood the power that jewelry granted its wearer and she is now able to express herself through her craft confessing that every woman deserves the chance to feel one of a kind and it is now that she is putting forward that opportunity.

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