It was early in the 20th century that the curiosity caused development from their ancient Greek family roots of outstanding jewelry and watch making. The current flagship sits in place of the original shop which has been opened since 1905. It was in 1977 that the “Bulgari” Bulgari watch was a superior hit; driving the market and resulting in a need for the Bulgari watch to join the competition in the superlative Swiss watch market. Known for their noticeably distinctive case shapes and sizes it brought a breath of fresh air into the realm. Capturing the essence of the art deco era many of the ladies pieces exhibited eclectic linear designs and dazzling gems. The illustrious and ornate snake wrap watch became a signature design premise for the brand itself. Having much achievement with both their jewelry and watch lines, it was clear that they married the two into an exclusive success; leading to the introduction of their prominent Parentesi.

One of the most admired pieces which drove the growth of more following the same lavish technique. Not to be fooled by a ladies brand, Bulgari offers many mens models inclusive of complicated and proprietary movements. The Diagono Calibre 303 is the essence of exceptional watch construction that a connoisseur can immediately spot and admire. Throughout history it has been a triumphant story of gathering the same craftsmanship into their watches that their name has exemplified.