Carl F. Bucherer

As an independent Swiss watch brand, Carl F. Bucherer has a rich tradition of competence in the production of high- quality mechanical timepieces and fine ladies’ jewelry watches in the premium segment. The appeal of the Manufacture’s distinctive watches lies in their innovative technology, useful additional functions, outstanding design and carefully selected materials. The brand’s passion for beautiful watches and its constant striving for perfection are reflected in the three lines of the core collection: the Patravi, valued for its technical innovations, sophisticated mechanical complications and characteristic strong design. The Manero models are modern classics. Their refined beauty and simple elegance are skillfully combined with mechanical excellence and practical functionality. The ladies’ Alacria line, with its unique curved case forming the ideal basis for the creation of limited special editions, embodies the high standards of jewelry watch competence to be found at Carl F. Bucherer.

The will for individuality. The independent-minded design, attention to detail and uncompromising quality make every Carl F. Bucherer watch an object of lifelong pleasure for the owner. Carl F. Bucherer watches are created for people who take control of their own lives, live at their own pace and enjoy every moment. They are intended for people with vision and who have a message of their own. The watches reflect lasting values; reality is more important than appearance. Carl F. Bucherer designs watches for men and women who pursue the ideal of authenticity.

From founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer to the watch brand Carl F. Bucherer. Success does not come by chance. By taking the name of the company founder as its brand, Carl F. Bucherer is deliberately establishing its place in the tradition of high- quality watchmaking. Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened his first watch and jewelry shop in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 1888. In 1919 the passionate entrepreneur presented his own watch collection for the first time.

The compilation was invested with his profound knowledge of watchmaking and his instinctive feel for the requirements of a demanding clientele. The watches were notable for their expressive forms, and met the highest standards of the Swiss watchmaker’s art. The two sons Carl Eduard and Ernst Bucherer shared their father’s vision and took over the management of the company after their father’s death. Presently the Bucherer Group is under the management of the family’s third generation in the person of Jörg G. Bucherer, owner and Chairman of the Board.

The Bucherer Group and Carl F. Bucherer. Thus the strengths of the family business have been handed down through three generations. The Carl F. Bucherer brand was launched in 2001, with the objective of adding more strategic weight to the manufacturing competence which has been successfully demonstrating itself since 1919. As the only watch producer in Central Switzerland, Carl F. Bucherer manufactures and distributes exclusive ladies and gents watches, constituting the second pillar of the Bucherer Group. The Carl F. Bucherer brand trades as Bucherer Montres S.A. maintains an autonomous and independent company with a strong identity within the Bucherer Group. Carl F. Bucherer is led by CEO Thomas Morf. He and his dynamic team of 100 employees around the world look after management and production.

Carl F. Bucherer: timeless and authentic. In keeping with the values of the company’s visionary founder, timeless and independent, the brand focuses on a steadfast product that is fed by past experiences, but which keeps a firm eye on the future.