Eugene Blum ET Alice Levy is where the acronym originates from. When you examine most watch brands it is certain that they were founded by mostly men, Ebel is the exception with a man and a woman. Since 1911, deeming themselves as “the architects of time,” they have been presenting their watch making abilities crossed with their graceful feminine design. Pioneering on a new concept the wave bracelet was set into motion. With its smooth and seamless design it has been said to feel “like a second skin,” with the brand’s intentions met. Noted for their wave bracelet, miniature cases and extreme attention to detail their client quickly became the woman of many hats. The 1911 series was intended for revamping their mens loyalty by creating an illustrious model that was in a league of its own.

To establish itself as a proper Swiss brand Ebel did one even better by producing their own proprietary movement for the BTR model. It was here where they were set in a class higher than before; showcasing the brands true talent and improvement by offering a marvelously created model for even the hardest critics. Choosing the most timeless, significant and cherished figures to represent their brand; these have included: model Claudia Schiffer, model Gisele Bunchden and soccer player Thierry Henry. Throughout the years Ebel has always stood for what they believed, true elegance.