Jaeger LeCoultre

Even before his workshop was set up in 1883 Antoine LeCoultre had already dreamed about the infinite possibilities that he could accomplish; he was a truly talented man. The brand is accredited for over 300 patents in the Swiss watch making industry. They are the only one to boast of such a great achievement and it is extremely praiseworthy. These patents include: movements, bracelets, cases, dials and even watch functions. Antoine LeCoultre would concentrate on the minuscule movements that were necessary to fit into the petite wristwatches which were fashioned at the time. It was in 1903 when a certain friendship started between Edmond Jaeger and and Jaques-David LeCoultre. It was the perfect match and it allowed the two to unite the spectacular ideas and passion they shared. This evidently piloted the brand to a position of wonder that expanded into such an esteemed trademark. It was afterward, in 1937, when the brand was officially named Jaeger-LeCoultre.

They are recognized famously for their revolutionary Reverso series, Atmos clocks and intricately inventive complications. The Reverso was a first of its kind and still sits in a category of its own. The patented case design, which flips out to a mysterious other side, decorated with superbly detailed designs; while others illustrate a programmed time zone or a transparent skeleton mechanics view. The Atmos clock is quite remarkable, operating solely off of a one percent temperature change and no other elements; it is no wonder why it is so attractive to so many. It recently revealed a collection of much anticipated pieces, which included: the Gyrotourbillon, Master Grande Tradition, Duometre and Amvox. JLC. It is recognized throughout the world as a significant contributor of outstanding horology and will continue to flourish.