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Award-winning designer Judith Ripka inspires those who appreciate style, design and uncompromising quality. 'When a woman is wearing my jewelry, I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life's greatest luxuries,' states Judith. Born and raised in New York, Judith's earliest memories are of playing in her mother's jewelry box and accessorizing her clothing by tying a heart charm to her belt, hanging a pin off a chain or transforming a necklace into a belt and weaving it through the belt-loops of her jeans. Some of Judith's friends played with dolls, other played sports, Judith accessorized. Designing jewelry is part of Judith's DNA, and Judith always knew that she would be a jewelry designer.

In 1977 launched her first 18k gold collection. Judith's organic eye for design and color interpretation has helped her clients understand that fashion is about style and creating a total look ' including accessories. Beyond the clothes, jewelry is integral to a woman's wardrobing and provides the finishing-touch to any outfit. Each piece of jewelry is designed to complement each other, to present an entire ensemble based upon certain constant design features, so that pieces designed 20 years ago are relevant to and can be worn with the designs of today.

THE COLLECTION Judith Ripka's distinctive designs reflect her passion for jewelry and celebrate her enthusiasm for individualism with her commitment to timeless styling. Always maintaining a classic with a modern twist sensibility, Judith Ripka harmonizes the versatility and wearability of her original concept of designing jewelry that can be worn from blue jeans to black tie, from day into evening, with the power of red-carpet fascination. Most recognized for her distinctive 18k matte gold and unique interpretation of rich colored gemstones and rare diamonds, Judith Ripka strikes a unique balance of uptown sophistication and downtown chic. 'It's about striking the balance between the elegance of a classic woman with the fashion sense of today's modern woman,' states Judith Ripka. Introducing two new collections annually for both the 18k Couture and Silver collections, Judith Ripka's collections are favorites amongst fashion forward trendsetters and style-savvy A-list celebrities.

Judith Ripka's Eclipse Earrings were chosen as one of "Oprah's Favorite Things 2010".

THE VISION To create a global Judith Ripka lifestyle brand, recognizable worldwide, combining luxury and casual elegance.

THE MISSION To create jewelry of understated elegance for women of impeccable taste worldwide that is appropriate for all the roles that a woman plays in her life. Founded on Judith's desire to share her passion for fine jewelry, The Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. prides itself on using only the finest diamonds, colored precious gemstones, pearls and unique one-of-a-kind stones, sourced throughout the world by Judith herself. With these beliefs, The Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. lays the foundation to envision new goals, meet potential challenges and realize future global expansion.