Rene Lalique’s childhood memories led the inspiration that is world famous today. Encompassing the natural environment was a great part of his stimulation and ideas for creation. He grew rapid recognition for his intricate and richly designed flacons, vases, and jewelry. At the pinnacle of the Art Deco era he was one of the most renowned glass makers in the world. He is responsible for the notion of introducing fine glass into the home; which was ahead of its time for the time period and most couldn’t even understand the idea until they saw the works of art. This brought his name to an entire new level of popularity and sparked a lot of desire.

Eventually this expanded his recognition, and he was able to build a brand for himself, by further exposing people all over the map. It was unique for Lalique to live throughout his flourishing career; as many other great people did not have the opportunity to accept praise for their accomplishments. Also astounding in the fact that his career spanned over two very distinctive time periods; and he was able to prosper and keep the triumph perpetuating.

He was keen enough to realize that as the world changed he needed to adapt his creations to imitate the feeling. Lalique can be recognized by his use of both frosted and clear crystal detailing, accenting the dazzling magnitude of the piece. They are universally legendary and all of the pieces are considered extremely valuable; as they have many loyal and avid collectors. Lalique brought something different into the world of luxury. His talents are showcased as all of the incredible pieces as they are individually signed.