Nikos Koulis

Driven by his passion for jewels, Greek born and raised Nikos Koulis reflects to his work his Mediterranean spirit and historic and philosophic educational background. Having studied gemology and jewelry design as well, he signifies a distinguished aesthetic profile with a profound crafting ethos in all his creations. In the entire spectrum of his work, he makes an interesting journey through time; combining Byzantine patterns from 4th to 7th century blended with strict geometrical forms, visionary symbols of paradise with austere elements of ancient monuments and vivid Greek colours with quintessential Western minimalism.

His current collection encapsulates a conceptual nature and a demanding tailored technique. Gold in every color along with diamonds and colored, customized cut stones are being transformed into unrepeated works of art: perforated and fluid creations capturing body movement and shape, multifaceted and handcrafted jewels showcasing perfectionism and sophisticated intricacy.

Nikos Koulis’ expert ability to break down his materials and compose distinct jewels transcends well beyond the boundaries of fashion. His creations become emblematic accessories of all elegant women, compelled to share a powerful and liberating euphoria. Through this collection, the designer exuberantly revealed his propensity toward aesthetic structure with historic references. The effect is that there is nothing quite like seeing, touching and indulging the details of his craftsmanship.