When Roberto Coin first started his company, it wasn’t the brand that we know today. In 1977 in Vicenza, Italy, also known as the “city of gold”, his company was the producer for some of the world’s most prominent fine jewelry designers. Years later, in 1996, The Roberto Coin brand was born. The popularity and recognition of his company was immediate, and just four years after the birth of the brand, Roberto Coin was ranked seventh in the United States among the best jewelry designers. Soon after, in 2002, he was moved up to third as an international brand, and number one among Italian designers and jewelers.

Some of the collections that are most recognizable are the Appassionata collection and the Primavera Collection. The Appassionata collection boasts woven rose, yellow, and white gold with exquisite semi precious stones. Each one is unique and complements any outfit. The Primavera collection showcases lightweight flexible jewelry that can be worn individually or stacked. His designs compliment any outfit and can be worn from day to night.

When Roberto Coin started his company in 1996, he started adding a signature ruby set on the inside and the back of pieces. The first collection that it was added to was the Appassionata collection and now it is attached to all of the pieces in his collections. The ruby is known as “The King of Gemstones”, and they have always been known to hold some sort of power to the wearer of the stone. Some legends state that the ruby can have healing powers or to bring wealth and happiness. The way he sets the ruby, is so that it has direct contact with the skin so that it may bring some of these “powers” to the wearer of the item.

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