William Yeoward

William Yeoward Crystal started in 1995 when third generation John Jenkins owner, Timothy Jenkins, and noted interior accessories designer William Yeoward collaborated. William Yeoward had been working with lighting, fabrics, furniture and interior accessories in his store in London on King’s Road. He was an antique crystal enthusiast, but thought that there was a lack of beautiful contemporary crystal. Timothy Jenkins is a third generation owner of the crystal company, John Jenkins, which was founded in 1901. Jenkins has a fine knowledge of the crystal industry in Europe and has been recreating antique pieces for some time.

In 1993, it would seem that fate would bring the two talented individuals together. They both shared a passion for unique and beautiful crystal from the 18th and 19th centuries. They also wanted these amazing pieces to be preserved and recreated. The two decided to put together their varied talents and their vast collection of tableware and decorative pieces. They had a range of 60-70 pieces that was exhibited at the Decorex Interior Design Fair in the Fall of 1995 in London. Even though the collection now has over 1000 pieces of crystal, the two collaborators behind this wonderful company still find new and special pieces that they can add to their collection. Though they do collect some beautiful pieces, they still use their own creativity to design pieces that we know today as William Yeoward Crystal. In September of 1996, William Yeoward Crystal received the prestigious award for Best Merchandise at the London Interior Design Show “Decorex”. He was also mentioned in the press for his designs. In 2002, he received the International Design Award for Tabletop from the US Elle Décor Magazine.

William’s reputation certainly preceded him, which allowed him to gain access to some of the world’s most excellent private collections. Some of these wonderful pieces were found in Ireland and England in country homes. Jenkins has a large family collection that showed an immense amount of treasures and other pieces that were acquired at auction houses and antique dealers dealing only in this type of antiquities. Piece by piece, the collections of original antiques came together. They made the decision that the collections should have as many unique and unusual pieces as necessary. Some of their items included decorations that hadn’t been made for at least 150 years. The pieces that they found were various antique drinking glasses with hollow stems, “lemon squeezer” feet, and rare shapes. Some were simpler and some were more ornate. The pieces that Jenkins and Yeowards had acquired had to suit their sense of design and their need to make sure these pieces had their own beauty. Their wonderful table settings should be exquisite but should also be functional for everyday use. In 2002 they added new collections to complete the table. They included the “Fine English Bone China Tableware and Giftware”, and “Sterling Silver Flatware”.