Realizing the highest levels of quality both in material and artistry, Yvel's exclusive designs can be found in the finest jewelry stores all over the world. Yvel (a mirror image of its founders surname), is most definitely one of the leading designers in fine jewelry and its customers cherish these unique, artistic creations.

Pearls are still the heart and focal point of all Yvel jewelry designed by Isaac Levy.

"I enjoy designing with pearls because they represent one of nature's most beautiful creations together with being so very fashionable. Pearls are also ultra-feminine, worn exclusively by women."

Biwa Collection

Lake Biwa in Japan was known for its incredibly lustrous coin shaped pearls until 1985 when pearl culture in the lake ceased due to pollution.

When Orna and Isaac learned that the ultimate inventory, the last of the Biwa Pearls, was up for auction, they immediately flew to Japan to 'seize' the whole assortment.

Yvel has recently connected with two major Fresh Water pearl farms, culturing a unique and exclusive line for Yvel only. These select pearls, exquisitely intertwined with the original Biwa pearls, create the luxurious, sophisticated look of The Biwa Collection.

The Biwa Collection a beautiful 18k gold collection set with diamonds, enhancing the natural color and beauty of the round, pear, drop and square shape pearls. They come in colors of white, peach, lavender and cream and are available in white, rose and yellow gold.

The Golden Brown Collection emphasizes the beauty of the unusual shades and colors of South Sea Salt Water Pearls, in gold, brown, copper, champagne and light green.

Combining these warm shades of South Sea pearls with 18k yellow gold and setting these pieces of art with white and cognac colored Diamonds, Isaac Levy has created a warm exotic look for the woman who appreciates the sensuality of this unique collection.

Pastel Collection

This new fresh Pastel Collection was designed by Isaac Levy for the romantic woman who loves the soft shades of Fresh Water pearls in pink, lavender and peach tones. These designs combine 18k white, yellow and rose gold and set with Diamonds and multi colored Sapphires.

Black and White Collection

Join Orna and Isaac in a fascinating exotic journey to the land and waters of the black pearl Tahitian world, a multi color magical road of natural pearls, combining 18K white gold and white and black Diamonds.

Rainbow Collection

This colorful collection was designed by Orna and Isaac Levy from their love for nature, bringing wildness and passion in a sensual look.

Recognizing the need to return to nature and its basic elements, this unique collection preserves the natural look of the Sapphire in a rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes.

The Rainbow collection by Yvel exhibits rings, earrings, long necklaces, brooches and bracelets.

Pavee Collection

The new pavee collection from Yvel is an amazing, brand new look in the jewelry world. Each necklace is created by setting 1,010 individual gem stones into a hand made 18k gold mesh. This chain is then combined with luxurious South Sea pearls which complete the unique Yvel look.

This collection includes exotic combinations of gold and brown South Sea pearls, pink Sapphires with pink and lavender Fresh Water pearls, Rubies with grey and black Tahitian pearls and white Diamonds with white South Sea pearls.

The difference in textures is unexpected, with the satiny luster of the pearls offset beautifully by the sparkle of the chain.

One of a Kind

Set apart from other Yvel collections, the one of a kind collection is carefully created through years of collecting rare pearls and gem stones, assembling them together with 18k gold and Diamonds as a fine piece of art.

It is a sophisticated collection for sophisticated art collectors created not for the sake of fashion but for the sake of passion.

In other words... when words alone are not enough..

Town and Country Couture Design Award presented to Yvel

Yvel captured the hearts of pearl lovers as they won the Town and Country design award for the third year in a row. The winning piece, a flower brooch, combines natural white wild Fresh Water pearls set with diamonds in 18k white gold.

The spectacular winning piece was inspired by Orna and Isaac’s love and appreciation of nature and was created using 21 pearl petals “We respect all things that come from nature, I wanted to create something that would show the natural beauty of the pearls.” comments Isaac Levy. “This flower brooch started as a 9 petal flower that kept blossoming to this final look".