Design comes second-nature to Michal Kadar. As a young girl, she spent countless hours by the sea collecting shells her artist-father used for his life-sized sculptures. She developed a meticulous attention to detail with an affinity for the meditative process of intricate work. The rich cultural melange of her family's European and North African heritage ignited her imagination from childhood and set a course for a life in art and design.

Kadar continued on to study a range of design disciplines, including art, fine jewelry and fashion. Throughout her career, Kadar maintained a facination with elemental beauty, power and iconic nature of fine jewelry. These qualities, combined with her passion for transcending conventional design, inform her guiding vision and establish her as an arbiter of style.

Michal Kadar resides with her husband in New York City, where the CADAR Collection is handcrafted and designed.

The CADAR ethos is based on purity of form. Symbols for light, water and life appear throughout the collection and are fundamental to its meaning. Each piece is conceived with a reverence for these elements, while embracing subtle visual references, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, spiritual geometry and Japanese artistic motifs. The result is a collection that embodies bold minimalism and elemental beauty, notable for its proportion and balance. CADAR evokes an experience, a celebration of the moment, capturing light and expressing movement.

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