Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni’s entrance to the world of jewelry began as a youth in the workshops of Valenza Po, renowned as the international heart of craft jewelry creation. Upon mastering the techniques and secrets of fine jewelry, a meticulous care for detail ultimately became one of the maison’s distinguishing traits. In 1976, when only twenty years old, Bruni created his first collections, illustrating his exceptional creative flair and a rare creative instinct. Simple yet unique shapes; rare gems and shimmering stones characterize the distinctive, unusual yet harmonious style of the designer’s collections.

His international success testifies to the creative instinct of this artist, with the ability to anticipate future trends, adapting to an increasingly competitive market. His aesthetic choices come from the heart and from his passion for jewelry, which he imbues with all the power of body and soul, molding gold and precious stones into pieces of jewelry with an unmistakable style. His original collections display modernity, elegance and discretion. Gold, precious stones and diamonds together with feelings and emotions translated into ideas, molded with craft care and technical skill, make Pasquale Bruni a timeless interpreter of fashion, art and design. Each piece is made by hand in a workshop in the heart of Italy, where every day he brings his craft, spirit of independence and experience to the study and development of collections Made in Italy.

The work he performs is the expression of a “Vera Passione”, a true passion which anyone wearing Pasquale Bruni’s jewelry can feel. Creating a company recognized worldwide for the excellence of its craftsmanship and unique design; since 1976, Pasquale Bruni has epitomized quality, along with his daughter Eugenia, Creative Director of the brand since 2001. Nature is a source of inspiration and women its true muses. The creations reflect a love of freedom and the freedom of women. Jewelry of dynamism, expression and passion takes shape, revealing a constant desire to experiment. What comes across is a desire to imbue the jewelry with a soul, so that the soul is truly visible.


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