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Founded in 2003, TurtleTech Design Inc., dba MOVA International, is headquartered in sunny San Diego, California. At our core, we are a technology company dedicated to advancing the dream of perpetual motion. Our mission is to apply our advanced, patented technologies to create luxury products with unique and high-end designs that capture the imagination.

Our first breakthrough, the MOVA Globe, was dreamed up and developed in a basement in the small beach community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea by Bill French, a physicist and inventor with a lifelong interest in solar energy, magnetism and magic. After years of intensive research, product development, and various breakthrough patents, the MOVA Globe was born in 2004. Since then we’ve expanded our product line to include new sizes, shapes and designs.

Today, we aspire to exemplify the best of both artistry and science in each MOVA Creation. We are exploring various low-power interactive technologies related to light, sound, and touch in order to continually add new dimensions of inspiration and awe to our MOVA Creations.


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