Baccarat Coeur Red Crystal Cupid Heart

Baccarat Coeur red crystal Cupid Heart. The Baccarat heart is a stunning decorative object. Whatever the occasion—be it Valentine's Day, a special anniversary, a memorable occasion, or an impromptu thoughtful gesture, it is the perfect gift to symbolize your affection for your beloved. The Baccarat heart is crafted from the finest crystal, its contours perfectly formed to refract the light. The depth to the shape echoes the depth of the love it symbolically represents. It is available in beautifully translucent Clear crystal, and passionate fiery red crystal. Measurements 1 5/8"H x 3"W.


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Brand Baccarat
Item Type Decorative Accessories, Desk Accessories, Paperweights
Material Crystal
Theme Heart/Love
Color Red
Measurement 1 5/8"H x 3"W
Availability: In stock
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